The development of new supports enables market expectations to be met in all areas, such as recycling and the reduction of packaging weight. We offer a comprehensive service, from the design and manufacture of the label or sleeve wraparound to its application, either automatically, working closely with independent manufacturers of application and shrinkage equipment, or manually, through the development of partnerships with companies specializing in custom packaging.

A dynamic and independent company which is very reative and flexible, and organized to comply with European regulations, Ets Serre puts its 90 helioprinting units at your disposal for the production of packaging that will highlight your products.

Our long experience and gift for innovation enable us to satisfy a highly specialized and demanding clientele. We deal with all requests, from the most straightforward to the most complex, with maximum reactivity and respecting our three fundamental principles: keeping to costs, quality and deadlines.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any request or for any development within the packaging field.

SERRE is part of a Quality Assurance initiative.

• Continuous control and monitoring of orders (meeting of deadlines).
• Continuous inspection during the different production stages.
• Traceability of production items.
• Technical validation of the different components used (inks, films, etc…).
• Respect for environmental requirements.
• Reduction of packaging:
• At the level of our services and processes.
• Optimization of the treatment of waste.


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Ets Serre
9, rue Amboise Croizat - CROISSY BEAUBOURG- 77435 MARNE LA VALLÉE CEDEX 2 - France
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